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Viral Pic: Woman Wears 'F*** Off' T-shirt In Aadhaar Card, Internet Calls It 'Coolest Thing Ever'

The post accumulated more than 5,000 likes and over 550 comments. (Representative Pic)

A woman unknowingly wore a “F*** Off” t-shirt in her Aadhaar Card picture and now her amusing story is grabbing eyeballs on social media. Taking to Facebook, Anjie Uchiha shared a picture of her Aadhaar Card, in which she was seen wearing a black t-shirt with the explicit word written on it. In the caption of her post, she mentioned how she is now stuck with the image for the rest of her life. 

“Everytime I need my Aadhaar card for something, I cannot help but feel amused by how I casually wore a tshirt that says ‘F*** OFF’ on the day I had to get the ID card renewed, and will now be stuck with this for probably the rest of my life,” the caption of the post. 

Take a look below:

Ms Uchiha shared the image just a few days back, and since then her post has gone viral. It garnered a lot of reactions from internet users. While some thought the picture was something to laugh about, others suggested changing the image online. 

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“That post is gonna be my all-time favourite on facebook,” wrote one user. “It’s the coolest thing u ever done in ur lyf,” said another. 

A third user commented, “How? I wore a t-shirt that said ‘same shit different day’ and they sent me home”. A fourth added, “If i ever become a game creator that has a cute protagonist then i will add a tee which says this”. 

“I am more amused at your expression (a sweet, pretty soul bearing face). The caption on your shirt and your facial expression bears no resemblance!!” commented a fifth. “You can change it by updating your biometric. My first adhaar pic was like a dead person. recently I’ve changed it,” suggested another. 

Ms Uchiha’s post has accumulated more than 5,000 likes, over 3,400 shares and nearly 550 comments. 

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