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What Gujarat Did To Protect Wildlife, Lions Of Gir Ahead Of Cyclone Biparjoy

184 teams under nine divisions and 58 control rooms have been set up in Gir for teh Asiatic lions.

New Delhi:

The Gujarat government has taken measures to protect its extensive wildlife ahead of Cyclone Bipajoy with a “zero-casualty approach”. Rescue teams have been strategically positioned in Gir Forest, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary in Kutch and Mata No Madh, Barda.

The endangered Asiatic lions are getting a great deal of attention, with 184 teams under nine divisions and 58 control rooms mobilized for them.

A monitoring team is busy looking into the location and activity of 40 lions in the Gir forest and coastal regions of the state.

The hi-tech monitoring system was developed in anticipation of just such a natural disaster. This system equips selected lions living in groups with radio collars, enabling their movement to be tracked via satellite link by the monitoring cell.

The teams will rescue the animals, take rapid action, and clear fallen trees.

“To efficiently handle emergency SOS messages related to wild animals, 58 control rooms have been established. The Junagadh Wildlife and Territorial Circle encompasses Gir East, Gir West, Sasan, Porbandar, Surendranagar, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Morbi, and Junagadh Forest divisions,” read a statement from the government.

As the lion zone has seven rivers and water bodies, special teams have also been deployed to conduct rescue operations in case of heavy rainfall and water flows.

The Maldharis (pastoral communities) living in the Gir have been relocated to safer places as a precautionary measure.

Besides, 13 operational teams, six special wildlife rescue teams, have been sent to the sanctuary area of Kutch, known for its salt desert, flamingos and wild ass.

“The government is fully prepared to tackle the challenges posed by the cyclone,” said Nityanand Srivastav, Chief Wildlife Warden of Gujarat.

“We are on high alert and well-prepared to face this cyclone… Adequate planning and vigilance have allowed us ample time to prepare and execute effective measures in the field,” he added.

The cyclone made landfall this evening. As the eye of the cyclone approaches land, its intensity is peaking. Rain and strong winds, with a speed of 140 kmph, is lashing the coastline.


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