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Video Shows Ukraine President Eating Barfi Made By Rishi Sunak's Mother

The video was shared by Rishi Sunak on Instagram

A video showing UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak offering an Indian sweet made by his mother to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has surfaced on Instagram.

”My mum had got some Indian sweets that she wanted to give me that she’d made, called barfi. I saw President Zelensky on the Monday after that and he and I were chatting and he was hungry. So I actually gave him some of my mum’s barfi which she was very happy to see. She was thrilled by that” Mr Sunak said in an interview, recalling the incident. 

The heartwarming video was shared by Rishi Sunak on Instagram and captioned as ”It’s not every day that @zelenskiy_official tries your mum’s, homemade sweets.”

Watch the video here:

Reacting to the video, one user wrote, ”This is the cutest.. we can all relate to mum’s barfi.”

Another wrote, ”This brings back some memories Rishi! I loved it when your mum brought Indian sweets into the pharmacy, they were so yummy.”

A third said, ”Sharing and caring.. being human is more important than being a PM.”

Notably, President Zelenskyy recently visited Britain on his whirlwind European tour. The tour was aimed at securing new weapons for a counteroffensive against Russia. It was his second trip to the U.K. since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

“We’re thankful from all our hearts, from Ukrainians, from our soldiers, we are thankful. And this is a privilege to be here,” Mr Zelenskyy told the UK PM.

Mr Sunak said Britain would provide Ukraine with hundreds of air defense missiles and further unmanned aerial systems, including new long-range attack drones with a range of more than 200 km, to be delivered “over the coming months”.

“This is a crucial moment in Ukraine’s resistance to a terrible war of aggression they did not choose or provoke. They need the sustained support of the international community to defend against the barrage of unrelenting and indiscriminate attacks that have been their daily reality for over a year,” said Mr Sunak.


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