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US Firefighters Free A Puppy Trapped Behind The Toilet Of Its Owner

The dog’s name is Tippy.

Firefighters were called to the scene when a little dog was stuck in a bathroom of a Texas home. After some battle, the crew managed to free the dog.

The Woodlands Fire Department said in a Facebook post that this morning the crew from E102 was confronted with an unusual problem. A small dog had managed to wedge himself behind a toilet.

“Firefighters found that “Tippy” was well and truly stuck. They tried several things, but in the end they had to remove a small amount of Sheetrock to free the pinned pooch.”

“Tippy was returned to his owner and was last seen dozing comfortably in a much less precarious place,” the post said.

“It’s just another day! Saving Tippy, our town, you and me! Thank you, TWFD,” commented a user on the Facebook post.

Similar to how most dog-related videos do, the Facebook post attracted a lot of attention from social media users.

In a similar manner, a few days ago, a video of a dog playing fetch with a homeless girl went viral online. The sweet video has amassed many reactions on social media.

The video was shared by an Instagram page that goes by the name Tuffy Brown Boxer. In the short clip, the little girl is seen standing outdoors while the dog is inside the house’s compound. The girl throws the ball at the dog, and each time he catches it. Then the furry animal tosses the ball back to the girl. 

The girl and the dog both seem to be enjoying the sweet game. The highlight of the whole video is the fact that the girl danced and smiled happily each time the dog caught the ball. “Innocent friendships like this” reads the text in the video along with a blue heart emoji.

Since being shared, the clip has amassed 6.4 million views and 84,000 likes.


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