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Twitter Office To Be Evicted From A Colorado Building Over Unpaid Rent

The landlord filed a complaint against Twitter.

After allegedly failing to make rent payments for months, Twitter is forced to vacate its Colorado office, according to the Denver Business Journal.

A judge has ordered the Boulder sheriff to return possession of Twitter’s office to the landlord, a news outlet has reported, citing court documents.

According to the Denver Post, the court permitted law enforcement to evict the tenant on May 31, directing the tech giant to evacuate its suites at 3401 Bluff St. in Boulder and return them to the owner and landlord, Lot 2 SBO LLC.

On May 12, Lot 2 SBO, a Delaware limited liability company related to Chicago’s The John Buck Company, filed a complaint against Twitter, alleging unpaid rent.

In February 2020, Twitter and the landlord agreed to a lease for four building units, but court records show that the company didn’t pay the rent.

The Denver Post further reported that the landlord issued a default notice to Twitter, which went ignored. Through the end of March, Lot 2 SBO instead used a letter of credit deposited by Twitter for $968,000 to pay the rent, “which serves as security for the tenant’s performance under the lease.”

The landlord then requested that Twitter replenish the security deposit, but claims that the firm declined.

Avalanche Commercial Cleaning of Boulder also filed a lawsuit against the microblogging site last month for approximately $93,500 in unpaid payments.


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