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''There You Go'': Subway India Sponsors A Couple's Date After Their Post Gets 1000 Likes

Twitter users loved the fact that Subway kept its promise

A few days back, a Twitter user shared how her boyfriend apologised after a quarrel and surprised her with a Subway sandwich. The viral post captured the attention of Subway India’s Twitter handle, following which they announced that they will sponsor the couple’s next date if their post gets 1000 likes. Internet users took it as a challenge, and in 3 days, the original post got more than 6500 likes.

Keeping their promise, Subway India sponsored the couple’s date today and shared an adorable picture of them holding hands, and enjoying a Subway sandwich. 

”There you go,” reads the caption of the post shared by Subway.

See the tweet here:

Well, it all started when a boyfriend apologised to his girlfriend with a Subway sandwich along with a note which read, “A sub for you cause tum hi ho mera SUB kuch.” The woman who was clearly impressed with the gesture shared a photo of the note on Twitter and wrote, ”My bf and I had a fight so this is what he did.”

Subway quoted the viral tweet and pledged, “1000 likes and we will sponsor a date for these cuties”.

See the post here:

Twitter users loved the fact that Subway actually kept its promise, while others called it a clever marketing strategy. Others also requested the company to sponsor similar dates for them. 

Reacting to the picture, one user said, ”Now you’ve to sponsor my next date (rare chance). Also, how many likes/RTs for a single like me, for lifetime supplies of Subs?” 

A second wrote, ”Sponsor for homeless kids like me. Not these rich kids.”

A third commented, ”Best Marketing Strategy Ever.” A fourth added, ”So cute.” 

Yet another joked, ”Can a boyfriend be sponsored too?”

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