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Singapore Comedian's Joke On MH370 Disappearance Enrages Malaysia

MH370 disappeared in March 2014 and all its passengers and crew members were presumed dead a year later.

Social media users in Malaysia slammed a comedian from Singapore for a performance where she cracked jokes about the disappearance of MH370, according to South China Morning post (SCMP). Jocelyn Chia performed at a comedy club in New York where she also talked about Malaysia’s poor economic performance. The video of her comments were uploaded on TikTok and Instagram and almost immediately caught the attention of users in Malaysia. While Malaysians and Singaporeans often job each other with comments about common history, culture and cuisine, Chia has raised the ante.

Talking about the Malaysia-Singapore split in 1965, the comedian joked how Malaysians cannot visit Singapore because their “aeroplanes can’t fly”, according to SCMP.

“What? Malaysian Airlines plane going missing not funny huh? This joke kills in Singapore,” she further said, explaining the joke to the audience.

She dedicated the skit to Singapore first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, saying the city emerged as the more successful partner from the union. “This was the best break-up revenge,” Chia added.

“And you guys, what are you now? Still a developing country. F*** you Malaysia,” the comedian said, as the audience laughed.

The host of the show interrupted to tell Chia that she is going to get a bad review from Malaysians, but she replied Malaysians “don’t have internet”, as per the SCMP report.

Negative reactions soon started appearing on her clips circulating on social media and the number grew so large that Chia had to disable the comments.

Former Malaysian radio announcer Kudsia Kahar, who shared the video with her 19,000 followers on Twitter, said Chia had crossed the line. “I draw the line at turning MH370 into a joke. Not acceptable. A good standup never turns tragedy and deaths into a joke,” she said on Twitter.

“Its not funny at all?????? I lost an auntie and two cousins due to the MH370. It will never be funny,” tweeted another user.

The disappearance of MH370 in 2014 remains one of the biggest aviation mysteries in civil aviation. Malaysia declared all 239 passengers and crew members of the ill-fated flight as presumed dead a year later.


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