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Video: Sherpa's Life Saved In A Brave Rescue Operation Near Mount Everest

The sherpa had fallen into a deep crevasse.

Many mountaineers succeed in ascending Mount Everest thanks to expertise, technology, and the substantial infrastructure supplied by commercially guided expeditions.

However, under adverse conditions, even for experienced mountaineers like sherpas, these locations frequently turn lethal.

On Twitter, a video recently went viral showing a sherpa being rescued after falling into a deep crack while climbing Mount Everest.

Gesman Tamang, a skilled mountaineer and rescuer, posted the video with a statement that details the contributions of sherpas and calls attention to our ignorance of the lesser-known bravery stories of these challenging highlands.

Mr. Tamang shared the video with a text that reads, “During every climbing season on Mount Everest, many brave rescues take place. The media tends to focus on and highlight the rescues involving clients and foreign climbers, but there are lesser-known stories, such as this one, where a sherpa’s life is saved.”

“We successfully rescued a sherpa who had fallen into a crevasse between camp 1 and camp 2, and it’s a miracle that he survived. This story is a reminder of the sacrifices and risks mountain workers face in making Everest expeditions possible.”

Filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor commented on the video and wrote, “Yes, it’s all about foreign climbers; they forget about the people that really make it possible for the foreign climbers to go home and brag about their ‘conquest’ of Everest. How can anyone “conquer” a mountain? The Sherpa community knows that the mountain is a spiritual being.”

Many other social media users also commented on the post and shared their opinions.

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