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Russian Tourist's Body Parts Recovered From Stomach Of Shark After It Was Beaten To Death

The tiger shark was caught and clubbed to death on the beach in Egypt (Representational image)

The body parts of a Russian tourist who was eaten alive by a shark were recovered from inside the predator’s belly after it was killed by local beachgoers, New York Post reported. After dissecting the tiger shark, specialists confirmed that the animal was the one that ate Vladimir Popov as they found his remains in its intestines, local outlet Al Arabiya reported.

The outlet claimed Mr. Popov’s remains, including his head and hand, were found inside the dissected slain shark.

Notably, 23-year-old Vladimir Popov was attacked in front of tourists while he was swimming at one of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts in the city of Hurghada on June 8. People watched in horror as he was dragged under the water and mauled to death by the 10-foot shark. Witnesses claimed the tiger shark toyed with his body for two hours.

After his horrific death, Sky News reported that local beachgoers in Egypt drove boats out of the sea and captured in a net what they believed was the animal that killed Mr. Popov. A video captured the moment when a group of people brutally clubbed the tiger shark to death as revenge for the Russian tourist. 

Russia’s Tass news agency said that Mr. Popov was born in 1999 and lived in Egypt full-time.

In a statement posted on its official channel on the Telegram messaging application, the consulate urged Russian tourists to be vigilant when in the water and to strictly adhere to any swimming bans imposed by local authorities, as per The Guardian report.

Officials have yet to reveal if the shark that ate Mr. Popov was involved in other reported incidents in the area.

Meanwhile, museum specialists in Egypt are mummifying the shark so that the monstrous predator can be put on display. Specialists at the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Red Sea Reserves began the embalming process of the animal on Monday, NY Post reported.


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