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Rishi Sunak's Deputy, Dominic Raab, Resigns After Bullying Allegations

Dominic Raab resigned from the post of UK Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister.

New Delhi:

UK Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister Dominic Raab resigned on Friday following an independent investigation into complaints of bullying.

Announcing his resignation on Twitter, the UK politician wrote, “I called for the inquiry and undertook to resign, if it made any finding of bullying whatsoever. I believe it is important to keep my word”.

Mr Raab is the third major exit from the cabinet over their personal conduct since Rishi Sunak took over as the British Prime Minister in October, promising a government of integrity.

Mr Sunak in November appointed a senior employment lawyer Adam Tolley to look into two complaints of alleged bullying against Mr Raab.

More complaints have emerged since from civil servants who worked with the minister, and the Financial Times newspaper quoted one person involved in the investigation as saying it was “devastating”.

Mr Tolley sent his report to Mr Sunak on Thursday morning, the prime minister’s spokesman confirmed.

Rishi Sunak told reporters he retains “full confidence” in Mr Raab but is “carefully considering the findings of the report”. He refused to say when the report would be published.

Mr Raab is widely expected to face dismissal if the complaints are upheld by Mr Tolley, with Sunak and the Conservatives already staring at probable heavy losses in local elections on May 4.

In February, Mr Raab, in an interview to Sky News, insisted that he had “behaved professionally throughout”.

But he added: “If an allegation of bullying is upheld, I would resign.”


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