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Relatives Torture Woman To Death, Play Loud Music To Muffle Her Screams

The murder took place in the house of a couple who were celebrating their son’s birthday.


A 23-year-old woman has been tortured to death by her relatives who suspected that she had stolen jewellery from their house in Ghaziabad. The woman was attacked with a blade and rods to get her to ‘confess’ and her attackers played loud music to drown out her cries for help. 

The accused fled after the woman died. Neighbours got suspicious and alerted the police today when they heard loud music playing in the house non-stop for two days. 

Samina, 23, had gone to the house of her relatives Heena and Ramesh in Ghaziabad’s Siddharth Vihar on Monday to attend the birthday party of their son. Jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh went missing from the house and the couple suspected that Samina had stolen it.

Police said Heena, Ramesh and others began assaulting the 23-year-old with sticks and rods. They even slashed parts of her body with a blade to extract a ‘confession’ and played loud music so their neighbours would not hear her screams.  

When Samina died because of the torture, the accused fled, but left the music on.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar said a search is on for the accused. “The accused played loud music so that Samina’s screams would not be heard. Neighbours alerted us after the music kept playing non-stop for two days. Investigation is on,” he said.


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