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There were more than 200 ‘Baratis’ on the 51 tractors.


A unique wedding procession in Rajasthan’s Barmer, on Monday, grabbed everyone’s eyeballs.

The wedding procession departed on 51 tractors, one of which was driven by the groom itself. The groom’s father said, “My wedding procession departed on one tractor, so I got 51 of them for my son”.

Prakash Choudhary, a native of Gudamalani village, got married to Mamata, a native of Roli village. On Monday morning, the procession departed from groom’s house heading to Roli village, located 51 kilometres away. There were more than 200 ‘Baratis’ on the 51 tractors.

The groom Choudhary told ANI, “My family’s prime occupation is farming. Everyone is into agriculture. Also, a tractor is considered to be the recognition of a farmer. My father’s procession departed on one tractor. So, everyone thought why cannot there be 51 tractors for mine? “

The groom’s father, Jetharam said, “A tractor is reckoned ‘son of the Earth’. My father’s and grandfather’s procession went on camels. We already had 20-30 tractors in our family and along with my farmer friends, I made a note of total 51 of them. When the procession departed in the morning, 10-12 more tractors joined it. The ‘Baratis’ said that we do agriculture by tractors, so why cannot we take a procession on it?’

The father added when the procession reached the village (Roli, bride’s village), everyone was astonished.

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