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Video: Punjab School's Rap Song Advertisement Leaves Internet in Splits

The video has accumulated more than 81,000 views and over 1,000 likes.

An advertisement video for a school in Punjab’s Patiala is going viral on social media for its unique marketing strategy. The video, shared on Twitter by user Pulkit Kochar, shows three students in school uniforms standing back-to-back and lip-syncing to a Punjabi rap that lists the school’s facilities. 

The song mentions that the school has an “aalishaan building (luxurious building)”, swimming pool, music classes, computer classes and other amenities. “Can’t get over this school’s ad. A normal day in Punjab,” Mr Kochar wrote in the post’s caption. 

Watch the video below: 

Mr Kochar shared the clip last month and since then it has accumulated more than 81,000 views and over 1,000 likes. Internet users were quick to drop some hilarious comments. 

One user even suggested that Karan Johar should get some inspiration from this, while another said that the video looks like a “pet project” of a teacher who actually wanted to be a music artist but decided not to because of parental pressure. 

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“Karan Johar should take inspiration from this for SOTY 3,” wrote one user. “Although I have completed my Masters, but I want to join this school,” said another. 

A third user commented, “Need to forget about this.. my entire childhood is challenged now,” a fourth asked, “Are they introducing “social media influencers” in the school curriculum?” “Only Punjabi music video where demands are reasonable,” said another. 

The school posted the video on its official social media handle. 

Meanwhile, speaking of school advertisements, earlier this year a school from Gujarat had come up with a unique ad in order to hire Maths teachers. The intriguing advertisement showed how the organisation turned it into the first layer of interviews for the applicants. They did so hiding their phone number within an equation. The interesting advertisement was so amazing that business tycoon Harsh Goenka also shared the poster with four lines on his Twitter account.

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