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A video shows the crowd attacking the crocodile mercilessly until it dies.


A 14-year-old’s excitement over the purchase of a new motorcycle turned into tears for his family after the boy, who had gone into the Ganga to bathe and get Gangajal to hold a ritual for the bike, was eaten alive by a crocodile.

Blood begat blood soon after, and the crocodile was brutally beaten to death with sticks and rods by the boy’s relatives and other villagers.

The family of Ankit Kumar, a Class 5 student from Raghopur Diyara in Bihar’s Vaishali district, had bought a new motorcycle and decided to take a dip in the Ganga and also get Gangajal to conduct a puja for the bike. 

When the family was bathing in the river, the crocodile attacked Ankit, pulling him below the water, tearing him to bits and eating him alive. 

By the time the family managed to pull out Ankit’s remains from the Ganga an hour later, a crowd had gathered on the river bank. The family and the crowd then yanked the crocodile out of the water and a video shows them attacking it mercilessly with sticks and rods, stopping only after the reptile died.

Ankit’s grandfather Sakaldip Das said, “We had bought a new motorcycle and had gone into the Ganga to bathe and get Gangajal for a puja. A crocodile caught hold of him and killed him in the water. We managed to get Ankit’s remains out after an hour and then the crocodile was also pulled out and killed.”


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