Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


'Most Defining Relationship Of 21st Century': Biden Welcomes PM Modi

Joe Biden welcomed PM Narendra Modi with a 19-gun salute.


Welcoming PM Narendra Modi with a 19-gun salute and grand reception in Washington DC, President Joe Biden stressed on strengthening India-US ties and why it’s important for the two countries to work together. 

Here are Joe Biden’s top 5 quotes: 

1. “Two great nations, two great powers, two great friends can define the course of 21st century.”

2. “Since I became President, we established a relationship based on trust. Given the situation of the world, it is essential that India-US work together.”

3. “India-US are in the process to eradicate poverty, addressing climate change, extending healthcare and ensuring food security.”

4. “I see the Indian-American diaspora reflecting the American life. This is a bridge between the two nations. We see it in our White House, our Congress. Kamala Harris is an example of this.”

5. “With so much changing in tech, socially and economically, the decisions we take now will determine the future. As a democracy, we can attract economic partnerships as nations.” 


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