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Monsoon Has Covered 80% Of India, New Pattern This Year: Official To NDTV

The usual date for monsoon to reach Mumbai is June 11, and June 27 for Delhi.

New Delhi:

This year’s monsoon has reached 80 per cent of India so far, India Meteorological Department’s senior scientist Dr Naresh Kumar told NDTV on advancement of southwest monsoon in the country.

Monsoon rached different parts of the country rapidly due to a low pressure area occurring in the Bay of Bengal yesterday, he said.

Monsoon arrived in Delhi and Mumbai on the same day on Sunday. This has happened after 62 years, Dr Kumar said. 

The usual date for monsoon to reach Mumbai is June 11 and June 27 in Delhi, but reached the two metro cities on the same day. However, this can’t directly be linked to climate change as it takes data from 30 to 40 years to determine that, Dr Naresh Kumar said.

Monsoon has reached different parts of the country in a new pattern this year.

Clouds over Assam have dissipated, and significant rainfall is not expected there, Dr Kumar said.

12 cm rainfall is expected in Rudraprayag and various other areas of Uttarakhand, he added.


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