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Man Posts Hilarious Tweet About Zepto's Response To His Job Application. Then A Twist

Yash Acharya’s post on Zepto amassed thousands of views.

A man has shared his incredible experience while applying for job at popular grocery delivery app Zepto. The user, Yash Acharya, shared his experience on X, formerly known as Twitter, and also mentioned about the unexpected email he received from the company’s chief technology officer (CTO). The hilarious turn in Mr Acharya’s job application has amused social media with his post amassing nearly 84,000 views and over 1,600 likes on the platform. Users have posted a barrage of comments on his post.

In his first post, shared around 8pm on Wednesday (August 16), Mr Acharya shared a screenshot of the email he received from Zepto.

The email stated, “You’d be a great fit for this Delivery Boy (Mumbai) role at Zepto”. Sharing the picture, he wrote a hilarious caption, “But I had applied for the role of a product designer.”

In two hours, he posted another screenshot showing Zepto co-founder and CTO Kaivalya Vohra reaching out to him. “Hey, saw your tweet. Could you send over a resume/portfolio?” Mr Vohra said.

Mr Acharya couldn’t believe that Mr Vohra actually sent him a message wondering in the capital if this is “for real”.

“Worst that could happen ignore/reject,” commented one user. “This is how onboarding is done here,” said another.

“How will you explain to your parents that you are a product developer at Zepto and not a delivery boy?” asked a third user.

Mr Vohra and another Zepto co-founder Aadit Palicha are the youngest entrepreneurs to feature in the IIFL Wealth-Hurun India Rich List 2022.

Mr Vohra, now 20, is the youngest among the richest Indians. He is ranked 1036 with a net worth of Rs 1,000 crore on the Hurun list.

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