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The video shows Ms Banerjee walking on a treadmill in her signature white saree.

New Delhi:

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee shared a video of herself walking on a treadmill on Sunday. Like most of us working out on a weekend, she needed an extra dose of motivation and a small, fluffy puppy did the trick.

“Somedays you need some extra motivation!” she captioned the video, with an emoji of a dog at the end. While comments have been turned off, the video has been liked by over 15,000 people.

The video shows Ms Banerjee walking on a treadmill in her signature white saree as she holds a brown puppy in front of her. As she walks, Ms Banerjee looks down at her small “motivator”.

Mamata Banerjee has always been an advocate for exercise, and in 2019 even set out on a 10-kilometre long jog in Darjeeling to create awareness about conservation.

The 68-year-old politician, who has a career spanning over five decades, has also been a fierce opponent to the BJP. Recently, she slammed the party saying she would be happy if BJP’s “downfall” starts with the Karnataka Assembly polls, the results of which will be declared on May 13.

Earlier this week, Ms Banerjee tweeted, “India deserves change for better. There’s no bigger a power than the power of people. On the occasion of Maa-Mati-Manush-Divas, I urge everyone to unite against Jumla Politics. When all opposition parties come together, BJP will lose the battle and India will win the war against divisive forces.”

She also extended her support to the #MeToo protest being held by the country’s top wrestlers in Delhi. “We must all stand with the wrestlers who are protesting. They are speaking in one voice. Our sportspersons are the pride of our nation. They are champions. The guilty must be brought to book, irrespective of their political affiliation. Justice must prevail. Truth must win,” she said.

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