Sun. May 26th, 2024


The 76-acre farm in Bhopal’s Kerwa has as many as 50 CCTV cameras.


CCTV cameras at a bull farm in Madhya Pradesh have captured a stunning scene — a herd of cows scaring away a tiger.

The visuals were captured late on Sunday night at the farm in Bhopal’s Kerwa. A tiger is seen attacking a cow. The others in the herd then closed in on the tiger, forcing it to move away from its prey. The tiger then waited on the prowl for about three hours, but could not attack again as the herd stood guard around the injured cow.

The injured cow is under treatment and its condition is reportedly critical.

The 76-acre farm has as many as 50 CCTV cameras. 

This is the fifth incident of a tiger entering the bull farm in the past six months. Tiger movement in the area, it is learnt, has gone up because the 14-feet-high fence behind the farm is damaged and needs urgent repair.  


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