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Watch: Free-For-All At Bengaluru Saree Sale, Hair Pulled, Slaps

The video of women getting into a physical fight has gone viral

A video going viral on the internet shows two women breaking into a physical fight over a saree at a yearly sale in Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram. In a video shared by a Twitter user R Vaidya, two women were seen getting into an argument over a saree while shopping at Malleshwaram’s Mysore Silks in Bengaluru. The argument soon turned into a fight as the women started hitting each other and pulling each other’s hair.

However, the other customers hardly bothered to stop the fistfight. The security staff tried to stop the fight by separating them from each other, but the agitated customers continued to hurl slaps at each other. The video shows a massive crowd shopping inside the store when the incident took place.

The caption of the now-viral video reads, “Mysore silk saree yearly sale @Malleshwaram.. two customers fighting over for a saree.”

Watch the video here:

The video soon caught the attention of social media users and has collected over 1 lakh views on Twitter. A user commented. “I like the ones who are shopping without even turning their heads to see what’s happening, oblivious of the ruckus.”

“Saree is not just a piece of clothing it’s an emotion,” quipped the second user.

“Shows in what great demand their sarees are. This video can be shown as an advertisement,” the third user wrote.

“In this country, we have people fighting for land, money and saree,” joked the fourth.


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