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Did A Woman Dressed Like Uorfi Travel In Delhi Metro? What Officials Say

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials have denied any such incident.

Over the past few days, videos and pictures of a woman clad in a bra and a miniskirt travelling in Delhi Metro have been making rounds on the internet. This has created a stir online and many people have questioned her clothing choices while others stated that she is inspired by fashion influencer Uorfi Javed. 

In the video, the woman is sitting on the seat with a backpack on her lap. As she stands up, one can notice her wearing a bikini. The video was reportedly taken by a fellow passenger. Even though many bashed her for her attire, others claimed that the individual who took her picture violated her privacy. Many people on Twitter also referred to her as the “Delhi Metro girl” on Twitter.

The video of the same was shared by NCMIndia Council For Men Affairs. “No she is not @uorfi_,” reads the caption of the post. 

“It’s Democracy ! Right of freedom !!” said a user.

“What is it? Some shooting going on? How can someone dress up like this in public place,” said another person.

Another user added, “TARZAN GIRL!!”

“Clear case for Section 294A IPC. How the hell @CISFHQrs allowed her to go in metro??!!” remarked another person.

“Poor girl. No money to buy clothes,” said a user.

Another user added, “The lady sitting next to her seems uncomfortable. How can a men feel then…!”

“Metro ACs must be down,” said a person. 

However, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) officials have denied any such incident took place in Delhi.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, DMRC’s Principle Executive Director of Corporate Communications Anuj Dayal said, “First of all, it is not verified whether the woman was travelling in the Delhi Metro. Over 60 lakh passengers commute daily and it’s not possible to track her.” Mr Dayal said that there is also a measure for punishment for improper dressing and the “same set of rules regulates the DMRC which governs the city”.

“Delhi Metro is also governed by the same rules which are applicable in the city. Just like in public places, decency is expected in the Metro as well. In case such an offence is reported, there is a provision for a fine under Operation and Maintenance Act, 2002,” he added.


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