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Delhi-Mumbai Airfare Goes Sky-High, Among Costliest Globally

Fuel prices and inflation are also responsible for airfare increase (Representational)

New Delhi:

A 24-hour advance air ticket from Delhi to Mumbai is currently priced at around Rs 14,000, which is among the costliest domestic airfares globally.

Delhi-Mumbai is considered one of the India’s busiest domestic route. The surge in the airfare has raised concern among the travelers.

A study found that domestic airfares have continued to increase in several countries, including India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan, in the first quarter of 2023.

The study, conducted by Airports Council International Asia-Pacific, said that India witnessed maximum rise in the airfares at 41%, followed by the UAE (34%), Singapore (30%) and Australia (23%).

Fuel prices and inflation are responsible for a significant portion of airfare increase, the study said.

The study said, “these excessive airfares threaten the industry’s long-term recovery and may have a far-reaching influence on the associated industry by reducing demand for air travel and increasing the financial burden on the already stressed sector.”

Last week, Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia chaired a high-level meeting, called by the airlines advisory group, where he urged airlines to self-regulate airfares and maintain reasonable price levels.

He said that airlines have the authority to determine airfares and that various factors are taken into account, including market dynamics and season, while deciding the fares.

Mr Scindia, however, stressed that private airlines also have a social responsibility and there should be a limit to increasing fares across sectors. 


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