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Cyclone Biparjoy: Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has reviewed preparations for the cyclone.

New Delhi:
The landfall process for Cyclone Biparjoy has started, powering winds at 100 kmph and bringing heavy rain to Gujarat coast. The entire process is expected to continue till midnight.

Here are top 10 points on this big story:

  1. “The landfall process has started. The cyclone is still 70 km away and is moving towards the coast. The cyclone will cross the sea and be inland by midnight,” said Dr M Mohapatra, the chief of Indian Meteorological Office.

  2. Biparjoy has been classified as a Category 3 “very severe cyclonic storm” and is likely to power winds moving at 115-125 kmph, the weather office has said.

  3. The eye, meaning the centre of the cyclone, is 50 km wide, which is on the larger side. It is expected to hit the coast around 10 pm.  Currently the wind speed is around 60 to 80 kmph, and will increase as the cyclone approaches, Dr Mohapatra said.

  4. Gujarat’s Bhuj and Kutch is witnessing strong wind and high tide has hit the coastal area. Heavy rainfall and strong winds have hit Dwarka, Mandvi, and Morbi. High tidal waves and gusty winds are continuing in Mumbai.

  5. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has chaired a meeting in Gandhinagar to review preparations for the cyclone. Nearly one lakh people have been evacuated and moved to shelters ahead of the cyclone’s landfall. These include people from nearly 20 villages living within 10 km of the coast.

  6. Eighteen teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), 12 of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), 115 teams of state road and building department, and 397 of the state electricity department are on the ground in coastal districts.

  7. NDRF Director General Atul Karwal told NDTV that the force is prepared to conduct rescue work following the cyclone’s landfall. He said neighbouring Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka have also sought help if they are affected. “There is a possibility of south Rajasthan being affected,” he said.

  8. The Defence Ministry has said the Army, Navy, Air Force and Indian Coast Guard have made necessary preparations to provide assistance to the local people.

  9. Fishing activities have been suspended till tomorrow, ports are shut and ships are anchored. Western Railways said 76 trains have been cancelled as a precautionary measure.Two famous temples — Dwarkadhish Temple in Devbhumi Dwarka and Somnath Temple in Gir Somnath district — remained closed to devotees on Thursday.

  10. Commercial operations at Gujarat’s Jamnagar airport have been suspended till Friday. Airport authorities said diesel and petrol required to operate the airport in an emergency have been stored.


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