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British Man, 26, Dies After Being Struck By Lightning While Paddleboarding In Greece

An investigation is now underway into the incident.

A 26-year-old British tourist died after he was reportedly hit by lightning while paddleboarding in Greece, as per Guardian.  The unnamed man was in the sea during a thunderstorm in Agia Agathi, Rhodes, as his girlfriend filmed him from the beach, according to local media.

Greek newspaper Rodiaki reported that lightning struck the water near the man shortly before 1.30 pm local time on Tuesday, causing him to fall into the water injured.

Soon after the incident, emergency services dashed to the scene, and the man was taken to the shore. Rescuers frantically tried to save his life, following which medics took him to a local hospital before he was declared dead.

Though the Port Authority of Rhodes confirmed the man’s age and that he was a British national, they gave no further information.

An investigation is now underway into the incident. 

A spokesperson said, ”This is an active case so we cannot give more details at the moment.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said, ‘We are supporting the family of a British man who has died in Rhodes and is in contact with local authorities.”

Last year, one man died and another was injured after lightning struck Mount Falakro in northern Greece.

Recently, a similar incident was witnessed in the US, when a 34-year-old man died and his young son was seriously injured after they were struck by lightning while walking from a bus stop in Texas.


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