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8 Killed After Explosions Hit Police Station In Pakistan


Two explosions rocked a counter-terrorism office in northwest Pakistan on Monday, killing at least eight people, police said, and wounding several others.

Provincial police chief Akhtar Hayat said it was not clear yet what caused the explosions in northwestern Swat valley, which was previously long controlled by Islamist militants before they were flushed out in a military operation in 2009.

Hayat said there was an old ammunition store in the office, and police were probing whether that caused the explosions or if it was a militant attack. No one has so far claimed responsibility.

Hayat said most of those killed were police counter terrorism officers.

The regional hospital administration said it received several wounded people, some of them in critical condition.

Live TV footage showed rescue officials and police rushing the wounded to the hospital.

A rescue official, Shafiqa Gul, said it was an old building and that parts of it had collapsed completely. “We fear there could be more casualties,” she said.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said police and other law enforcement agencies were probing to ascertain the cause of the explosions.

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