Sun. May 26th, 2024


19-Gun Salute, Grand Ceremonial Welcome For PM Modi At White House
  1. PM Modi was welcomed with a 19-gun salute and playing of the national anthem of both nations.
  2. Welcoming PM Modi, President Biden said, “We have spent a lot of time together. Since the time I was a vice prez. Since I became prez, we established a relationship based on trust. Given the situation of the world, it’s essential that India-US work together”.
  3. India-US are in the process to eradicate poverty, addressing climate change, extending healthcare and ensuring food security… All this matters for America, for India and for the world. So much is changing technologically, socially, and politically. The decision we make today are going to impact the future,” he added.  
  4. Several big-ticket announcements were made today that ranged from defence cooperation to space expedition that is expected to deepen ties between the two nations.
  5. After the bilateral talks, the Prime Minister will address a joint sitting of the two houses of the US Congress, which will be followed by dinner at the White House.
  6. Earlier today, General Electric’s aerospace arm announced that it has teamed up with the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to make fighter jet engines for Indian Air Force in India.
  7. PM Modi has invited Micron Technology, a prominent American chip maker, to set up an assembly plant in Gujarat. The Micron semiconductor test, assembly plant will be set up in Gujarat with total investment of $2.75 billion.
  8. India and the US are set to announce H-1B visa processing changes and open new consulates in a big step-up in diplomatic ties, sources have told NDTV. A small number of Indians and other foreign workers on H-1B visas will be able to renew visas in the US without having to return to India. India currently has five US consulates and the new one will be opened in Seattle.
  9. India will also be joining Artemis Accords, a US-led effort to send humans to the moon again by 2025, with the ultimate goal of expanding space exploration to Mars and beyond, White House sources said.
  10. “We look forward to greater opportunities in India. Micron is a global leader in memory and storage, and we are a supplier for memory and storage in all end markets from data centres, to smartphones to PCs, and today really fuelling the AI engine as well,” said Micron Technology CEO Sanjay Mehrotra.


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